There’s something very concerning happening right now within the Democrat Party, and it’s having a big negative impact on the American middle-class. What’s happening is we’re dealing with a one-term so-called “president,” because we all know that Joe Biden, who can hardly handle what he’s dealing with now, will not be around in 2024.

He’s made a complete and total disaster of things. But it’s not all his fault. Joe Biden is clearly a sick man. His brain has something terribly wrong with it. We see it every day when he opens his mouth to speak. And the blunders are not “gaffes” or a “childhood stutter.” It’s likely full-blown Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

But he’s a puppet. Joe Biden might pretend he’s in charge, but he’s not. However, the people that are in charge, realize that Joe’s a one-term loser, so they’re going for broke. This is what I like to call a “political crapshoot.” They’re rolling the dice and pushing through the “Green New Deal” right now while they have a grip on the steering wheel, and they don’t care if they drive the American people off a cliff.

And that’s precisely what Jen Psaki came out and said during her presser when she was asked about high gas prices.

Guess what America, they’re doing this on purpose. They’re literally trying to take us to the very brink of disaster, in order to push us into accepting their communist “Green New Deal.”

And after what Jen admitted to in this clip, Republicans believe that this will be a perfect 2022 political ad.

They’re right.


Here are comments from folks online:

“So what she is really saying is, we intentionally shut down oil production to raise gas and heating costs to push clean energy.”

“How soon this winter will I be able to fill up my tank and heat my house with green energy options @PressSec and @POTUS ?”

“Just proves the motive behind everything they are doing related to energy”

“Doesn’t take a rocket scientist (that even if u agree) to know that you need a plan to achieve those goals, jobs, energy for US in the meantime. I can’t understand, nor fathom what this Administration is doing except…. Failing. At everything. @POTUS @PressSec”

While this is bad now – and it’s a lot worse than even I thought it would be – I knew that Joe and his puppet masters would be terrible, but I didn’t realize they’d be quite this terrible and reckless, I still think we win in the end.

I thought Dems would go a tad more moderate hoping to keep 2022 and 2024 dreams alive. I was wrong. They’re throwing everything against the wall and hoping something sticks and I think that will be their downfall.

Americans just need to come out in droves – like TSUNAMI style – to make sure we combat the left’s “mail-in ballot” scheme.

If we do that, we win big and begin repairing this country.

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