I don’t need to tell you that gas prices are soaring through the roof. I saw a post online where someone was paying over 7 bucks a gallon in Lancaster, California. But it’s not just gas, it’s everything. Have you seen the price of beef lately?

I saw this online too, and couldn’t believe it.

And just a couple of days ago, when Jen Psaki was asked about the high gas prices, she let the cat out of the bag, when she put a “positive spin” on the skyrocketing prices at the pump, saying it would push us closer to “green energy.”


So, if they like high gas prices, they must love high beef prices, right? Anything to put the cattle manufacturers out of business and get Americans eating bugs. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the “Green New Communist Deal,” and you’ll love living in a cave with your windmill energy.

Basically, the Biden admin is putting the “squeeze” on Americans to force them into this “green” lifestyle that AOC, some bartender from Brooklyn, dreamt up.

Well, Pawn Star’s Rick Harrison isn’t having any of this nonsense… he joined conservative podcaster Sebastian Gorka, where he actually pounded a nice big hole into Joe’s “Green agenda.”


Joe claims that all these coal workers can just find another job after he destroys the industry, — it’s so easy, right? Give me a break. But Rick says no way. He says that he’s 56-years-old and if he was a coal miner, there’s no way at his age that he’d “learn to code.”

You can watch the video below:

Rick makes a significant point about all the seasoned workers who are not ready for retirement, but also not ready to be trained in a whole new career… and Biden and his Climate Cultists know this too, but they don’t care about those Americans.
Remember, for the left, the ends always, always, always justify the means.
Thi climate change nonsense is something that filthy rich white liberals care about. This is not a “kitchen table issue” for Americans, and Joe Biden foisting this on everyone is just like the vaccine mandate: forcing us into something that we don’t want.

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