I can’t believe that Kamala Harris hired a “crisis PR team” to help fix her sagging image, and this is what they ended up with. I’d argue that she’s worse than ever before, and it could be because she’s taking a “front and center” role and we’re seeing her more often, or it’s that she’s feeling the pressure of a job that she’s not qualified to do and buckling.

In all honesty, I’d say it’s equal parts of both. Either way, this is not good news for Kamala Harris, who, according to a new USA Today poll, is sitting at an abysmal 28 percent approval. Keeping in mind that’s a liberal-leaning poll, I’d say she’s likely in the mid-to-high teens. Probably 18 percent, tops.

And it’s not because Kamala is a female – that’s actually the least of her concerns at this point. It’s that Kamala is unlikeable at the very core of who she is. She comes off uncomfortable in her own skin, so nobody else feels comfy with her. She seems way out of her league, and very robotic, and phony – that nervous cackle is a real problem. Someone once lied, and told Kamala that they “loved her laugh,” and so she keeps doing it.

It doesn’t work.

Kamala has two modes: hysterical cackling hyena and awkward “deer in headlights” robot.

And you’ll get a perfect picture of Kamala’s awkwardly robotic/deer mode during her latest speech in France.

It’s so bad that one person said France would want to take the Statue of Liberty back.

Ouch. But, he’s right.

However, kudos to Kamala for pulling off the impossible in this speech. She literally said NOTHING, even though she couldn’t stop rambling.

No, seriously…


There’s a good reason Kamala Harris had to drop out of the Democrat Primary early: the Dems didn’t want her. She has no pizazz, no personality, and she seems so disconnected from the job she was installed to do. So, what’s happening now to her, isn’t a shock to anyone. Of course, the Dems will try to spin her unpopularity and claim that it’s our fault. We’re just too hateful and bigoted to accept this amazing woman as a leader, or something like that.


Right, Jimmy Kimmel?



But Jimmy Kimmel knows better. He knows it’s not our fault that Kamala sucks.

It’s her fault, but he’ll never admit that because the radical left is all about blaming and shaming Americans as they work to push through their communist agenda that is unpopular and unwelcomed.

Here are some comments from folks online:

“At least Joe Biden is 78 and has an excuse. You have to wonder what the thought process was in choosing her as VP”

“She literally said absolutely nothing in that speech. Nothing” 

“Is that sign language she’s doing with her hands? So confused”

“Together we can work together, so together we can forever together be , as together we are together…….Oh my word…. she is so not holding it together! LOL” 

“At least she didn’t try to use her French accent! That would have been embarrassing.”

“Sleep deprivation or naturally inarticulate?”

“Lmao. How on earth did she lose the democratic primaries polling around 0% with charisma like that?!”

“How can you say nothing with so many words? Such an unqualified embarrassment.”

I honestly don’t know what the left has planned for 2024. We know Joe won’t run – God only knows if he’ll make it to 2022 at this point. And they certainly don’t want to run his even less popular sidekick. But I am not sure how they’ll make Kamala “disappear,” after they likely promised her the moon and the stars when this nightmare first started.

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