America can see the writing on the wall, even without Virginia, or the other states that saw a “red wave” recently. You can almost feel it in the air like something big is about to happen. And I’ll tell you what that something “big” is – it’s the backlash of the American people for a sham 2020 election, COVID bull crap, vaccine mandates, high gas prices, soaring inflation, and a so-called “president” who sounds like an Alzheimer’s patient.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Americans so angry and fed up, and yes, I remember 2010 with Obama in office. I think 2022 will be even worse than that. More Dems vote in midterms and special elections than they have in the past and mail-in ballot harvesting is a tool the left uses, but even with all that, I still believe it will be a historic butt-kicking by the American people.

So, if I can see it, surely Nancy Pelosi can as well, right?

That’s right, it doesn’t matter how many vodka martini’s this woman guzzles down before 10:00 am; the writing is all over the wall.


And that’s why McCarthy hints here that Pelosi is going to call it quits.

You can watch the video below:

Nancy Pelosi is about 600 years old now. She doesn’t want to spend her last days on earth, playing second-fiddle to the Republicans.

She really wanted to go out as “Queen Bee,” and she will. Even though the nest she’s leaving is basically on fire and all the bees are being cooked alive.

Good riddance, Nancy. I am thrilled that you spent the last 7 years of your crooked career suffering.

And speaking of “good riddance,” we need to get someone else for Speaker besides Kevin McCarthy, who has proven time and time again that he’s weak.

2022 must be the year we clean house – getting rid of RINOs, weak Republicans, and communist Democrats.

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