It always makes me sick when I hear Democrats pretend to not “understand” why so many illegal aliens are suddenly flocking over here.

They know exactly why this is happening, after all, it’s their plan. Remember, during the Dem primary debate, when that entire stage of communists raised their hand and said they’d give illegal aliens free healthcare? That’s why they’re flooding the border. Do you think if the governor of Acapulco went on TV and said he was going to give Americans sneaking into the country free groceries every month, that a lot of Americans who needed free groceries would sneak over?

Of course they would. This isn’t rocket science, folks.

And the same goes for all the “freebies” and bonuses the illegal aliens get. Take for example Joe’s $450K payments to illegal aliens for being “separated” from their kids when they illegally tried to enter the United States… how on earth are we paying people for breaking our laws? This country has become a clown show, thanks to these cockamamie liberal policies.


Well, that’s exactly what Ted Cruz wanted to chat with Biden’s DHS Secretary Mayorkas about today when he sat before the Senate.

Ted had one brilliant question to ask Mayorkas about those payments, and it was so good, Mayorkas couldn’t answer it.

You can watch the video below:

I am not even sure why people like Mayorkas or Garland are invited to sit before the Senate. It’s not like they can actually answer any questions.

Joe Biden has assembled the most incompetent group of nincompoops on the planet. At least if you’re going to take over the country by destroying from the inside out, have a plan to stealthily respond to questions about it.

As it stands now, Biden’s entire admin looks like a family of confused deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming freight train.

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