Alec Baldwin is a man alone on an island. And that’s exactly where he deserves to be. This rude, angry, violent loon has done nothing but promote hate, fear, violence, and negativity, and what goes around, comes around.

It’s just a shame that innocent people have to get caught in Alec’s crossfire – literally. Alec doesn’t have many Hollywood friends left – a good number of them are throwing him to the wolves and you can’t really blame them. A woman is dead because of negligence on the set of a movie Alec was producing. And he shot her – and according to A-list actor George Clooney, that’s all on Alec.

Washington Examiner reported that actor George Clooney shared his view on the controversy surrounding the fatal Rust on-set shooting, calling the incident last month in which Alec Baldwin shot a gun that killed a crew member and injured the director “infuriating” and “insane.”

The seasoned actor said he has never heard the term “cold gun” that the assistant director allegedly called out before the fatal discharge to indicate that the weapon was safe to fire. He also said the responsibility for making sure weapons are safe comes down to the “prop person or the armorer, period.”

“Every time I’m handed a gun on a set — every time, Marc, they hand me a gun — I look at it, I open it, show it to the person I’m pointing it to, show it to the crew every single take,” Clooney told Marc Maron on the comedian’s podcast. “You hand it back to the armorer when you’re done, you do it again.”


It’s stunning to think about the stuff that Alec DIDN’T do, isn’t it? Especially when handling a gun, and especially coming from a man who has pointed his judgemental, bony finger at so many responsible gun owners who would ever dream of acting as irresponsible as he did.

Clooney conceded that working with dummy bullets is difficult because of how similar they look to live bullets. Investigators found that the gun fired by Baldwin contained live ammunition instead of dummy rounds.

But clearly, he just shredded Alec for what he didn’t do – what he should’ve done. All he had to do was practice responsible gun handling. It should be a “no-brainer,” and I am not understanding why he didn’t do that.

Hopefully, the investigation will answer these questions.

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