Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis sounded off on Thursday after signing a bill preventing vaccine mandates in the state.

During a press event in Brandon, Florida, DeSantis said it’s the United States of America, not the United Schoolboards or County Commissions of America.

“Thing is going to crash and burn, it’s going down. (Cheering and Applause) That’s for sure. And I’ll be able to put a lot — I’ll be willing to put a lot of money on that. So we have that, but we’re also Florida, we’re challenging the mandate on federal contractors,” DeSantis said.

“You can have a lot of people lose their jobs as federal contractors in January, so we have that that we’re doing and that’s in Tampa in federal district court and we think that we’re going to be successful there. What with the state of Florida is done under Attorney General Moody’s leadership is also filed suit in Pensacola challenging HHS’s nurse and doctor mandate for hospitals,” he said.

“What they’re saying is you have to force every nurse and everybody to — to do Covid jabs or you lose Medicare, Medicaid, all the funding, and obviously they wouldn’t be able to — to work if that were the case and the — and the — the institutions would collapse. And so, we think that that’s illegal. We think it’s unconstitutional. But here’s what really bugs me about this one,” he continued.

“When you talk about nurses and stuff, the whole reason they launch 15 days to slow the spread, the whole reason the U.S. went down the road and lot of other places are still trying to pull out of is because they didn’t want the hospitals to be overrun. That was the reason they did it. And so you had to make sure you preserve hospital — hospital capacity. So that’s what they said then. Now they’re going to do this mandate and some nurses — many nurses could lose their job,” DeSantis added.


“So you’re actually making the hospitals short-staffed as a result of the mandate. So how does this make any sense when you say you’re trying to preserve? This is about power, this is about control. That’s what they’re doing. Because it makes absolutely no sense to be able to do this when you’re talking about what would actually make sense for people. And so we’re very happy to be able to say that — that we are fighting that as well — and I said it from the very beginning of this, you needed a legal response, but you also needed a legislative response,” DeSantis declared.

“I said OSHA is putting out this rule, they’re going to say that whatever you need to do, but they’re going to move the goalposts and they’re going to say, if you don’t have a booster by a certain date then you are unvaccinated, you could lose your job. People try to say, ‘Oh you know, that’s not what they said.’ Well now even Fauci is saying he wants the boosters to count,” DeSantis said.

“New Mexico said unless you do the boosters they’re going to consider you unvaccinated. So, we — we reject that approach,” he added.

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